Bitcoin mining machines

Earnings on “digital gold” is a process of solving three-dimensional mathematical problems. This will help special equipment for mining. The user installs the client program on the farm, connects to the Internet, runs the algorithm, and begins the automatic process of hashing (solving problems). Initially, crypto-coins could be mined on ordinary PCs, but the community of miners was increasing, the complexity of the necessary calculations was growing, and now special installations are needed for mining.

The dependence of technology on the method of production

The income level of the miner depends on the capacity of the bitcoin mining machines, the chosen algorithm and external costs. For example, it is profitable to mine cryptocurrency by installing a farm in a cool room. Novice users are suitable cloud farms, which do not require the purchase of personal equipment. There are three main ways to get coins:


A single mining user buys equipment for the mining farm and starts to mine coins. This method requires constant updating of boards, monitoring of the farm. The increase in the number of miners led to the economic unprofitability of solo mining.


Cryptocurrency mining in pools — the user is spent on equipment and setting up the farm, then registered on the server, whose members jointly mine coins. The volume of blocks (tasks) is divided between the participants of the pool depending on the capacity of their technical equipment. Pooled mining is an intermediate option between costly single mining and unstable cloud mining.


Cloud mining method — the user rents the farm capacity, paying a set Commission, independently selects the types of coins for mining. This option is suitable for beginners who do not have the means to buy a farm. You should choose your cloud service carefully, relying on community feedback to avoid scams.



The optimal mining “iron” in 2019 — ASIC-installation, working on one of the selected algorithms. Such equipment does not require special knowledge to get started, more productive than a standard farm. For example, to configure the hardware of Hashfast Sierra, it is enough for the miner to download the CGminer client to the PC.

  • Bitmain Antiminer — a series of several models (for example, L3, S9) of bitcoin mining machines that does not require long setup. The package includes the device and the server power supply, the income will be up to $ 800 per month.
  • Cointerra's Miner — according to many users, the best equipment for mining in 2019. The plant comprises four ASIC controller, the total processing up to 2 Terraces per second. This power allows you to mine coins Bitcoin, CoinTerra. Equipped with water cooling and compact, you can invest at least 10 thousand dollars.

Main disadvantages ASIC-miners — problems with the repair and importation of equipment for mining in Russia.


User-programmable matrices (Field Programmable Gate Array) consist of semiconductors, represent an intermediate stage between video cards and ASIC-miners, popular a few years ago. For example, one of the models of the manufacturer Spartan consume 39 watts at a speed of 860 Megaherz per second and a price of $ 1,000, represented the best hardware for mining bitcoins in 2017.


The equipment for mining on FPGA can be assembled independently, the energy efficiency of the installation is much higher, but in the future it is not subject to resale, as well as the ASIC farm. Programmable matrices are produced by: 

  • Altera
  • Lattice semiconductor
  • , Spartan

How to choose — step by step instructions

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Assessment of budget and technical capabilities. Assembling your own farm is relevant in regions with low cost of electricity. The equipment is better to install in a separate room, you will need the cost of its maintenance and withdrawal of income. If your budget is limited, better to stay on cloud mining — offers such a service, for example, the portal hashcoins datacenter.

Comparison of characteristics and cost of models. With the help of online calculators, you should measure the performance of all components of the farm or ASIC-installation, choose the best equipment for mining.

Selection of specific models. When buying ASIC miners or assembling standard farms, the key parameter is energy efficiency, the ability to resell or upgrade equipment. It is recommended to purchase well-known models with an abundance of reviews, if possible — with warranty service. Used boards or ASICs can quickly become obsolete or fail.

  • The cost of the premises for the farm. Mining installations should be placed in a dry, ventilated area, you should take care of the noise insulation.
  • Lattice seThe cost of Network access. The process of "digital gold" mining requires a stable Internet connection. Speed requirements are minimal (1 Megabit per second is enough).miconductor
  • Constant monitoring of the farm. Client programs for coin mining change, the level of difficulty of mining (for example, Bitcoin) increases, so it is recommended to install programs for remote access to equipment.

Extraction of Ethereum and other popular coins is expedient if it is time to withdraw the earned and profitable to sell the cryptocurrency on the exchange. BTC and ETH are characterized by high volatility, the algorithms are improved every day, so the user should monitor the news (for example, on the Binance exchange) and promptly sell outdated equipment.